Monday, August 31, 2009

Financial Fat and Fitness

My education, career and passion is health. I work for the health department and healthy living is something I believe EVERYONE should take serious. Being healthy is part what you eat, and part how active you are. There are also other types of health, like mental, emotional and spiritual health. Well I have learned this year about Financial health. In my study of weight management I found that all those principles are the very same for controlling your financial weight.
Over weight and being in debt can hold some of the same problems. But these problems can be fixed with a little education and commitment. So if you are interested in losing some financial fat, look over some of my observations.
1. If someone wants to lose weight, they can count calories. For money, you count pennies.
2. If you really want to lose weight you exercise, for money you budget.
3. Weight loss doesn't happen over night, NEITHER does fixing your checkbook
4. Just because it looks like a lost cause doesn't mean it is, you can change at any time. For most people there is a breaking point.
5. Some get tummy tucks, some claim bankruptcy, both bad quick fixes.
6. Although both require dedication, there are rewards like a no guilt dessert, or purchase a new outfit. I celebrated by buying a new snowboard NOT ON CREDIT and 40% off!!!!
7. Taking care of your weight now, will save you problems when you are old! If you want to avoid heart attacks, or strokes you take care of what fat you eat now. Same goes for retirement. Start retirement NOW NOW NOW! That is the one thing I am super excited about. I started my retirement at the age of 25. And because I work for the state I qualify for a pension. And not only that, but once my debt is paid off I think I will start another savings in Mutual Funds. Can't have enough prevention funds!
8. Admitting you have a problem is a good first step. Once you have embraced you have a problem and would like to fix it you can create a social support. Having friends around that want to go to the gym with you, fix healthy meals with you are the same ones that want to budget with you, are excited about your debt-free life, and will save with you. Open up to them and the are a great source for help.
9. Stepping on a scale and checking your balance are both dreaded things. But being open with yourself and watch the lbs drop or your savings increase can be great things. And sometimes when you step on that scale and you ended up gaining instead of losing, or you have less money and a huge bill to pay, these are just minor set backs that should not get you distracted from your ultimate goal!
10. And MOST important thing I have learned, you just don't go on a diet, lose weight, then go back to your old habits. It takes good habits of eating and being active to maintain a healthy weight. The same goes for money. I can't just pay off debt then go back to my old spending habits. I have learned how much money is needed, and savings can save you a lot of trouble. Savings are amazing!
So if you have ever thought about losing weight, but have never thought about your income. Look again because your credit score is just as critical as cholesterol level!
If you have any more questions about financing or weight loss give me a call.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Advocacy makes change

“Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has” -Margaret Meade

I live by this as each day I show up to work and try to fight against the tobacco rates in Utah. I love advocacy and it is very much apart of me. Currently I am working for the MS society as a volunteer. This is my 5th year and I am gearing up for the MS 150 Bike Tour. Although I give freely of my time this is the first year I am trying to raise money to help. I have donated and want to see if you yourself would be interested in donating. Even small amounts help. "Never doubt that a small amount of money can change the world, because it will!" -Dre.

I am raising money through my friend Joshua Cloward because I myself cannot ride due to my awesome volunteering skills. I will however slave in the heat/cold/dirt/water to feed and take care of 2,000 riders!

To help click

and click on "Donate to Joshua"

Who is Josh?

Good question. He's an amazing friend that has taught me a lot this last year. We play soccer together, gave snowboard lessons to inner-city kids together, and now raising money for MS together.

This is a pic of us snowboarding. Great times, long talks up the slow lifts. Josh is also a very talented cyclist so another reason I support him doing this charitible ride.

Why MS?
Well because MS isn't genetic, it is almost a mystery disease. It also effects everyone differently. For my good friend Tiffany it took site from her left eye. From my neighborhood it took Brother Boons ablity to walk. What we do know is that MS is the scare tissue on the myelin sheets protecting your nerves. When those sheets are destroy your nerves lose information like sight, thought or walking. For more information go to

think it over, and really $5 dollars would rock my socks. I thank you so much for reading this and please let me know if you have any questions!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I am one with Shae

I know you are all wanting to know, does dre have the new uplifter album? YES I do and it rocks pretty hard!! I love it all. Be warn it's weird but it still kicks mainstreams Aaaaaa!

However I need to show off a little bit of excitment. I was given a gift recently that took my breathe away. I am a proud new mamma to a piece of Shea Stadium. For those who do not know, that is the home of the New York Mets? What you've only heard of the Yankees? Well then you really don't follow baseball then. I became a fan 2006 when I went to visit my sister in Queens. We went to one game and it became apart of me. I never thought I would love it as much as I do. I followed my Mets for the rest of the year as they took the National League East championships and falling out of reach of the world series by those bloody Cardinals. I continued my love as I watched them the next year for the Colossal Collapse in the post season. I still love my Mets!

For my 27th Birthday all I wanted to do was see my Mets at Shea Stadium before it's demise. Lucky I had a great friend in NY to visit and great friend to go with. This was the best birthday ever. I spent a lot of money on the seats but the memories are still there. Sorry I don't have a pic of me and Mr. Met (I chickened out because I was by myself and would have to have some stranger take the picture). I made stranger friends forever, and still stay in contact with them. I watched them lose and win against the rival Phillies. Even though I'm this dorky utah girl Shea will be apart of me.

Well now to the good stuff. I was given a seat back this weekend, mounted in a glass frame. It is pretty much Amazing! Here are the pics:

It is seat 2 so i checked all my ticket stubs and I sat in seat 4 and 5 but not 2. Arg so close.
Well I hope you are excited. There is another story that goes with the chair but that won't be blogged.
I love the Mets!
And if you want some fun wiki info about Shea Stadium go to

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I'm such a baby with weak ankles and totally rolled the one I was trying to heal. I swear it was good as new until last Thurs. Although the injury did get me out of a game I was totally failing at anyway, (missed a wide open shot, even the ref made fun of me!) But the problem I have most is not being able to play, but my ankle is soooo fat and ugly! And I had such cute ankles at one time. Grr
The next problem is because it's so fat it rubs on the edges of my shoe. So that's annoying. Hmmm it hurts to run on it, I live in fear that it will give out on me, I tried the hot/cold bath on it and I wanted to barf. But mostly it looks ugly.
Kanks a lot Cankles!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Thanks FB now I have to have a shiz load of children!

Andrea L. Deming wants to name her first child three, and the second child eleven.

Doug Watson- You Would...
Nic Heinz- The 3rd Nic - without a k... it sounds better.
Jeff Foster- The 4th child Four, just to mix it up.
Chad Colunga- and 5th child, Worst Band Ever? or maybe just, Blehhhh! haha
John Perkins- stick with "nick"...
Jeff Foster- 6th: Eight, 7th: Sixteen, 9th: AM
Miranda Jennings- You should name the last one . As in period. Or how about semi-colon?
Britnie Arens- Or how about 46.... More days!! I fully support your names. Simply genious!
Andrea L. Deming- Jeff! Good name! That song is top 10 fav
Davey J- I won tix for their upcoming concert on x96
Spencer Curtis- Name another one 7, then if you hate 311 one day, youll love slurpees the other.
Eric Lott- 10th: 2 score 11th: 5
Emilee Smith Pike- I feel weird that you are talking about having kids. Andrea, what's gotten into you?
April Dyer Smith- Why am I not surprised?
Brady Greenhalgh- Too late, you would be stealing my offsprings name! And don't even think about NixHex or Lil Sexton, P Nutty, SA or My Man Mahoney....they are all TAKEN